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Asbestos Testing & Reporting

Asbestos reporting & testing in buildings, workplaces and dwellings built before 1990 (and even in some buildings built afterwards that have had second hand items installed) is very important before you buy, sell or renovate the space.

An inspector will attend the property in question and carry out a 17 page report which will include the inspector taking photos of the areas which are suspected to contain asbestos. The samples taken from the asbestos inspection are then sent to an accredited NATA Laboratory for independent testing.

Once the tests are completed the results will appear in your asbestos report which will contain a 'Certificate of Analysis' from the laboratory regarding the samples that were sent in for testing. This means you can be 100% confident of the results found at the property.

There are many factors which affect the price of an asbestos inspection. Use the form to the right to get a quote on an asbestos report today.