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Asbestos Testing by Inspect My Home

Why put your health at risk? Choose Inspect My Home for professional asbestos testing

Common Fencing With Asbestos

Asbestos testing is extremely important, especially before purchasing a new commercial property. With testing you can determine if the property contains asbestos, and if so, take measures to have the asbestos removed.

Getting an Asbestos inspection is also extremely important before undergoing renovations on an older property to make sure no dangerous asbestos fibres are disturbed and made airborne. 

Testing for asbestos is the only way to fully understand the hazard in your home or prospective home. Because of the health risks associated with asbestos particles it is essential that testing is conducted by qualified, licenced professionals.

Our inspectors cover the greater Southern Queensland area & Northern New South Wales. Areas include:

We also have an office in Townsville which covers:

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What is asbestos? Follow this link to find out what asbestos is and why it is so dangerous.